Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beyonce and Baby Blue Ivy

Am I the only one that wants to scream that Blue Ivy (can you say stupid name) is just a freaking baby like all the other babies in the world.

I mean this kid is just another soon to be pampered and obnoxious child, like Suri, or any child spawned by Brangelina etc or rather bought by Brangelina.

It isn't as if this is the child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine who would at least grow up to be king or queen of England. Some wouldn't agree that that child would be special either, you know if Duchess Catherine were indeed pregnant...(is she? isn't it twins...yada yada)

I'm just so sick of the media going on and on about this child, like it was royalty or Jesus Christ returning.

Uh are just the child of some talented people. (And that is debatable too).

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