Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Different Twist On Country Music

Most people in their 40s on up will tell you that country music just isn't the same anymore. For some of us that's great. I know I've given more country music a try in the last few years than I would have before. Country music has a more Top 40 following than ever before, and that's really thanks to artists like Faith Hill and Martina McBride and more recently Taylor Swift.

Well allow country music to step a little further into the pop arena with The Band Perry. They certainly aren't your typical looking country band. Their first single Hip To My Heart has a folk pop rock sound. It more like pop music with  touch of country. It has a very catchy chorus that begs for you to sing along.

Oh and have I mentioned these kids and they are well as brothers and sisters...don't even look all that country.

Check out the video for "Hip To My Heart"

But if you prefer a more country sound their latest single is "If I Die Young"

These guys really have talent. Here's hoping they'll be around for awhile.

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