Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Read The News Today Oh Boy

So, Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting married.

That's the big news today!

Actually it is the best news today!

The couple have been living together for several years....might as well tie the knot so he can make her his Queen. I thought it terribly sweet that he gave her the same engagement ring his father gave to his mother. I only hope that Kate has better luck with it than Diana did. However they both have more maturity on their side than Diana did.

It is funny that in the 80s the royal family was still looking for a virgin for their prince! A prince that was twice the age of his chosen princess.


What a strange world we live in.

It is no wonder that Diana turned into such a loopy loo, albeit a beautiful loopy loo, who did much for her many charities, and for making royalty seem, not so stuffy.

I remember watching Diana and Charles get married when I was little. I remember her flubbing his many names. Perhaps a sign that things weren't meant to be.

I hope William and Kate have better luck. They certainly make a beautiful couple. Plus it is nice to see something nice in the news every now and then.

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