Monday, November 15, 2010

They Make Em' Better In Britain

The more British TV that I watch and the more British music I listen to, the more I have to say, The Brits are better.

I've been watching a short and yet unusual drama featuring one of my favorite UK actors Richard Coyle, called Strange.

In it, he plays a defrocked clergyman, who is working to rid the world of demons.

No this isn't like the show that later starred Philip Glenister. It is much darker in nature than Demons and I'm only 2 shows in, and they really seem to like to kill people off. Of course, that's what demons do.

It really is a shame this show only aired for 7 episodes, which is a full season over on that side of the pond. I'll never quite understand that.

You'd never see a show like this in the US, even for 7 episodes. It deals with religion...and clergy members that are a little on the evil side.

Oddly, I think that's why I really like this show.

It is a shame it only had one season.

And while I'm complaining, I wish Richard Coyle would do more UK telly...His pretty face isn't on any of my screens nearly enough for me.

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