Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So Where Were You Last Tuesday

More young voters turned out to elect Obama, but then when he needed the support, they defected, or just didn't bother.  Good job, youth of America. Good job!

It is really proof that our country doesn't give a rat's ass about what goes on in Washington, except when it comes to electing the President or complaining about how awful everything is. I'm guilty of the complaining, but guess what? I've voted in every election but one since I turned 18, and sadly that was the 2000 election, which my poor vote would have been cast for the man who had the Presidency stolen from him.


But here we are with Obama as president and with a butt load of republican wingnuts controlling the house. A good many of them wingnuts that Sarah Palin supported.

WTF is wrong with us!

We listen to this daft woman, but we wouldn't nominate Hillary Clinton for President.

What is wrong with that? Right now she's the only good thing about this administration. She was also the woman I wanted as President. I supported Obama when it came down to the election. I even canvased the streets for him, so strong is my hatred of the republican army of nutjobs, but I didn't drink the koolaid.

As I watch the news these days and listen to those wingnuts talk about how corrupt this government is..I wonder...where are all the people that voted for him just a few years ago? Why are we upset by a man that kept his campaign promises.

Why is it wrong to bail out GM and Chrysler, when some other admistrations bailed out the airline industry?

We are quick to forget things in favor of our own problems.

Yes, we need to get jobs created, but what would have happened if these two huge companies went bankrupt and/or closed their doors forever?

Why don't we thank Obama for getting them back on track?

Sure we can bitch about the bank bailouts...the banks are evil and they always will be...but let's also look at what good he has done.  And then for the love of god,  when there's an election VOTE! It only takes a few freaking minutes.

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Janelle said...

I actually did vote & a few people I know did, too, but a majority didn't. I'll grant that a lot are away at college & weren't able to, but there are still absentee ballots. Honestly, I'd argue that most kids in their 20s only care about Presidential elections, not any others.

Then there's my roommate, who said she doesn't care, but that's a rant for another day. Maybe tomorrow...