Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Hate Whiny Celebrities

Dear Kayne West,

Stop your damn whining. It is most unbecoming. Oh and stop picking on Matt Lauer and Taylor Swift. You dug your own hole, now you have to get out of it.

You say Taylor milked the anguish you put her through at the VMA's. So what! You were an ignorant asshat! So if Taylor got some extra special treatment as a result, whose fault is it? Yours!

President Bush thought that the lowest point in his presidency was when you called him a racist. OK, so that's pretty much ignoring a whole lot of other stuff he did in 8 years, but do you see a pattern here?

Your mouth...and people being offended.

Do you think maybe you should shut it for awhile?

Personally, I think all this whining you are doing now, is publicity for your new album.

Couldn't you take an easier road and just perform?

Oh wait, since you were offended by Matt Lauer, calling you on the stupid things you said, you won't be doing that.

Grow up! Man up! Or get out of show business!


The Mistress Of The Dark