Saturday, November 20, 2010

TV Recommendation

I have to say, I'm growing more and more disgusted with comedies on US television, which is why I am always excited when I find shows from the UK.

This past week, I found a really hysterical show starring Miranda Hart, simply called Miranda.

Miranda is 6"1 and she's not in the least pretty or thin or anything anyone would expect from a woman on the telly here in the US. She's rather average looking.

God bless her!

We can't all look like Courtney Cox.

Her life in the show is not fabulous, but not totally sucky. She's a bit of a cock-up, ok she's more than a bit of a cock-up and that's what makes her so funny.

Don't believe me? Watch this clip from the show. The teacher in this episode is played by Peter Davison, also known as The Fifth Doctor.

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