Monday, April 5, 2010

TV Review: Good Luck Charlie

Last night saw the premiere of another Disney Channel show. Good Luck Charlie is probably not the greatest show they have, but its definitely one that everyone can sit down and watch.

Remember the TGIF days of ABC? Well this show may not be up to shows like Full House or Family Matters, but its definitely in the ball park with them. Its cute. Its funny. Oh and since its on Disney there's no sexual innuendo spilling over into each and every joke.

It features some actors and actresses that you will have seen before on Disney, like Bridgit Medler who plays Teddy Duncan. She was the vampire on Witches Of Waverly Place. Jason Dolley who plays big brother PJ was in the Disney TV movie, Hatching Pete.

Its only downfall is that Bridgit sings its theme song, which means that sometime in the grand scheme of the Disney mind-control, Bridgit will have an album. After all, we can't have a Disney show anymore that doesn't feature a star that is also Radio Disney friendly. Perish the thought!

That said, for the time being, Disney has managed to pull off a show that's funny without being too sickeningly sweet, like Full House was in its day. Oh and did I mention its on Sunday nights? The veritable wasteland time for TV, so it is in fact one of the only "good" things on.

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Where Hope Begins said...

I LOVED this show. It was soooo much better than some of the other stupid stuff out there. GOOD LUCK CHARLIE is way funnier than iCARLY and HANNAH.