Sunday, May 2, 2010

My TV Boyfriends

The only men in my life are on TV. That's how I like it too. I can drool and fantasize all I want and when I'm done, I can flip a switch and off they go. Plus, unlike real boyfriends, I can have several without worrying about getting myself into too much trouble.

Who are the guys who keep my hormones raging, when I watch the telly?

1. Nathan Fillion: Its next to impossible not to love Nathan Fillion and that's why its just as impossible not to love Richard Castle. The guy is like a big lovable puppy that you want to cuddle and play with. In the opening credits when Beckett says he does remind her of Hootch from Turner and Hootch she really isn't lying.

After all, how can you not love puppy dog eyes?

And if he wants to lick my face....or any other part of me, I can't say I'd do much complaining.

2. Fredrick Weller: I love Marshall Man on In Plain Sight. He's a big part of why I tune into USA to watch this show.

First of all, I love skinny guys. Second of all, he's a bit of a geek and we all know how I love geeks. I prefer them to more manly men any day.

I adore his relationship with Mary in the show. You long for them to hook up, but you never want to see it happen either, because it would spoil half the fun of their bantering.

3. Phillip Glenister: Gene Hunt is probably the most chauvinistic character on tv, but I'd be his bitch any day. I'd get him his booze. I'd cook his meals. But most of all, I'd warm his bed. That is, as long as I'd get to ride with him in that crazy awesome Quattro!

Its funny. You know he's not totally a good guy, but you can't help but love him. Maybe its because he looks so good in his suits, or maybe its just because he doesn't take any shit from anyone. Whatever it is, Gene Hunt is probably my number 1 TV boyfriend right now. Ashes To Ashes rocks my world.

4. Matt Smith: Matt is the least sexy of all my TV boyfriends. In fact, he's most likely the guy I'd want to hang out with rather than shag. Still, Matt is THE DOCTOR and that automatically makes him sexy in some strange sort of way. Its the timey wimey stuff.

There's also the fact that the 900 + year old Time Lord looks like he's about 12...well that kinda saps the sexy from him, just a tad, but still. He can travel through space and time, so that makes him sexy in my book.

5. James Roday: I don't know that I ever would have gotten into Psych if James Roday hadn't played Shawn Spencer. Ok, that's probably not the case, cos I love Corbin too, but OMG, James is gorgeous! How can you not love him and his childish antics in the show?

I know that if it hadn't been for his cuteness I might have given up on the show the season before last, which was less than stellar. Thankfully I didn't because this winter's season was really awesome.

So there you have it, 5 of my TV boyfriends. Actually I have more, but I'm saving them for another day. So come on...I know some of you have TV boyfriends or girlfriends, care to share who they are with The Wenches?


Janelle said...

Oh, Nathan.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

He really is too gorgeous for words.