Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cast In Bronze News

Cast In Bronze, the name of the performer that plays the fabulous carillon was at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival and he passed on a wonderful little tidbit to me after he signed my CD.

There is going to be a new album with the BELLS in about 2 months and it is going to feature classic rock tunes. Now this might cause some of you to quake and tremble in fear. Bells and classic rock?

But fear not! I heard him perform one of the songs today at the festival and you'd never guess what track he played?

Would you believe McCartney's Live And Let Die?

It was fabulous.

I'm really looking forward to learning the rest of the tracklist for the album. I'm really hoping that he puts Don't Fear The Reaper on it, because some people may want more cowbell, but what about a whole slew of bells? That would be awesome!

If you want to check out Cast In Bronze you can go to the website or if you are in the Pittsburgh area, you can check out the Renfest, which is every weekend from now til the end of Sept.

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