Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing With The Stars? I Think Not

They announced the cast of Dancing With The Stars yesterday or was it early this morning, I'm not sure. For the most part I think this season will be amusing, especially with "The Hoff" dancing. What really annoys me is picking Bristol Palin.


Note the title of the show; DANCING WITH THE STARS!

Bristol Palin is not a star. She's the daughter of the creepiest woman in America. She is also not bright enough to know how to use birth control. But all that aside, she's not a star in anyway. Get her off. Why should she be collecting a wage for this?

Boo hiss!

I know they like to get controversial people on the show for ratings, but lordy, pull Lindsay Lohan or something. We do not need Bristol Palin.

I don't even like the show all that much and I find this disturbing, almost as distrubing as I found Heather Mills and Kate Gosselin, only the later two actually did something to be famous. Heather Mills was a nasty freaky gold digging wench and Kate Gosselin, well she helped whore out her family for reality tv.

Real nice people.

Now we add Bristol Palin to the ranks.

I think the show is going to hell in a handbasket.

Won't any real celebrities do the show anymore?

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