Saturday, August 7, 2010

Restaurant Review: Speers Street Grill

It's the weekend and that can only mean one thing! It is time to eat up a storm! This weekend a friend and I, decided to go to Speers Street Grill.

The menu is full of all kinds of wonderful things. We started with an onion blossom, as it had been years since we've had one of those. Yo! Chilis, why did you take it off the menu!!! Their blossom was wonderfully breaded and not greasy like blossoms I've had in the past. The best part was the dipping sauce, a horseradish dijon combination that wasn't take your head off spicy.

No, the take your head off, spicy came with my entree, Banana Pepper Pasta. This entree is not for the faint at heart or the faint of stomach! Those banana peppers are stuff with some pretty spicy sausage. Four alarm sausage, I think.

It's a fab dish, but it really should come with a bit more linguine, to help cool down the palate.

My friend had the Penne Primavera which had just about every veggie in the book, grape tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms...everything but the kitchen sink! It also had feta cheese sprinkled on top.

It was also quite nommy, as the LOLcats would say.

It is definite a must try restaurant if you are in the area. The food is a little pricey for the area with meals averaging around $11.00, but  the quality of the meal makes it worth it. Though I would like to pass on some advice, it would be nice if a salad came with your entree. Salinto's River House Cafe is just as nice but you get a bit more bang for your buck, however the ambiance of dining near the river isn't there.

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