Friday, August 13, 2010

I Cringe Every Time I Hear This

They Made a Monkee Out of MeI've been spoiled for one of my favorite songs. Every time I hear Daydream Believer I think of the tabloids that report that Davy Jones' latest bit of fluff bride beats him up.


I realize that things in the tabloids aren't usually true, but something had to be done or said to spark that kind of rumor and that really troubles me. It also makes me want to smack him and all the other older gentlemen that feel the need to be guided by their penis egos and run around after much younger women, women that in no way can love them for anything other than the size of their bank account.


These marriages do nothing but cause grief for the family and a huge reduction in the bank account. I'm not saying that if Davy went down on one knee (assuming he could get back up again) that I wouldn't say yes. I had a huge crush on him when I was a little girl, and I wasn't even a little girl in the 60s! But I have to say, his bank account would also tempt me. However I would make him sing Daydream Believer, Little Bit Me, Little Bit You, and She Hangs Out to me on a fairly regular basis! I would also like some horseback riding lessons.

Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

I just hope these rumors aren't true, and if they are, I hope Davy gets the hell out.

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