Thursday, August 5, 2010

They Call This A Snack Wrap?

McDonalds has rolled out the Angus Snack Wraps and oh are they tasty. If you like the Angus burgers, and I do, these are awesome wraps with the same toppings as the burgers. Yup Deluxe, Bacon Cheese, and Mushroom Swiss, all wrapped in a nifty tortilla.

There is one problem.

The calorie count is freaking insane.

If you get the regular wraps the calories range from 260 - 330. Not really great for a snack, but not too aweful for a treat every now and then.

The Angus wraps all clock in 400 calories or more! This would be fine if they were any bigger in size, but they aren't! The worst part is, they are really good. I actually like them better than the regular burgers. However if they do a snack wrap meal like they do with the Chipotle Chicken, Ranch or Mac can end up consuming more calories than if you eat the full size sandwich!!!!

Now I give McDonalds more credit than most people. There are healthy options on the menu. Any of the salads with grilled chicken are perfectly fine for you. A small order of McNuggets will not kill you. These snackwraps however could be dangerous. They are small and tasty and I know I could eat two of them, and after a few snackwraps, I'd be the size of an elephant!

Its so depressing that something that tastes so good has to be this terrible for you when shrunk down! And yet, I know I'll consume more of these than I should.

Damn you, McDonalds for your tasty treats.

Oh yeah, Wild Berry Smoothies kiss ass too.

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