Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Surprising, But It's Not

MineTaylor Swift has a new single out, called Mine and It is one of the top selling singles.

I'm not sure why though?

Yes, its Taylor Swift and she's one of the "girls of the hour" but it isn't a fantastic song, and it sounds pretty much like all her other songs. There's nothing to distinguish it from every thing else Ms. Swift has put out.

Which really makes me wonder why everyone has gone out and purchased this single.

Is it that there really isn't anything worth buying besides this?

That's probably true, especially if you are looking for "family friendly" music, but its depressing too, because this song is rather bland. It makes me, who isn't a fan of Lady Gaga, long for her music, because at least she makes things interesting.

I really thought that by now Taylor's popularity would be waning a bit but I guess not and that's probably not really surprising because she's one of the few artists that kids and parents both seem to like. It also proves that there really is no accounting for taste.

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