Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes Google Is A Bad Thing

Most of you know I'm a huge classic rock fan. That means most of the artists that I love and at some point in my 36 years have crushed on are getting up there. Most are in their late 50s on up. Hell Gordon Lightfoot is 70.

The problem is every now and then I rediscover someone I listened to and loved, case in point Cheap Trick/Robin Zander and I decide to google them.

Bad idea.

This beautiful specimen is Robin sometime in the 80s. I would hazard a guess from the length of that beautiful blonde hair (Yes, when I was about 14, I so wanted to do him) that this was taken around the time Next Position Please was released.

Flash forward.. 20 + years to 2010. OK, maybe we don't want to do that. I mean, look at that face! Shouldn't we just keep it preserved eternally like that?

Nah...we all need to have our bubble burst.

Thankfully it isn't as bad as a few of the shots I had seen were, but..Robin, for the love of god, shave the pathetic excuse for a beard. It makes you look like an old fart. I have to admit, Rick still looks the same and I swear he doesn't age a bit. Creepy isn't it.

But really why can't people like Robin stay eternally young and gorgeous? And yes, Davy Jones would be on my list of people that should stay that way too.

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Janelle said...

The good news is he can still rock, & that's what really matters.