Sunday, August 22, 2010

Every Thing About Series 5 Is Better

Series 5 of the New Doctor Who, which really isn't new, since they've already done 5 series and a year of specials, is probably one of the best.

I haven't decided what it was about this season that made it stand out above all the rest yet, but it does.

Maybe it is because Matt Smith is damn good in the part. He brings quirky back. He's not emo. He's sexy, but not in that OMGIWANTTOHUMPHISLEG way that David Tennant was.

Maybe it is the companions, Rory and Amy are probably the two strongest companions the series has seen. Rory is definitely the best male companion, and Amy ranks just a notch below Donna Noble in my eyes.

Maybe it is the writing, because this is the first season that didn't have any really horrible epis and the finale kicked some serious ass, something it has never done before.

Now the series is taking it up a notch by giving us an awesome DVD cover. Yes it was one of the promo shots from the series, but damn it is more fun than any of the ones they used before.

And would someone please explain to me why I suddenly think Matt Smith is the sexiest thing on the planet. Mr. Tennant is going to get mad at me.

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