Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Hate This Show

I think reality base tv shows are ruining the world. I also think that shows about The Best Thing...etc are annoying. I truly hate The Best Thing I Ever Ate on The Food Network.

Why do I hate it?

Because it is taking the opinions of chefs that do shows for the network. Yes, some of them pick little diners in bumfuck USA, but a good deal of them pick places that most of us couldn't find ever, unless we won the lottery.

That pisses me off. Almost as much as Diner's Drive- Ins and Dives does.

Don't show me food I'm never going to eat, damn it!

This show would be best called, The Best Thing I Ever Ate And You Never Will, Cos I'm Special and You're Not so Neener, Neener, Neener!

Am I bitter about this?

Hell yes! I like my food, and if it weren't for Munch in the PG I would never find crazy awesome places in the Pittsburgh area to try.

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