Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So It's Over AGAIN

How many times is Bristol Palin going to dump the father of her baby? Aren't we up to about 3 dumps now? Or is it just two? Whatever. It really is one dump too many and why in God's name is it considered newsworthy?

WTF is up with these two wingnuts?

Oh yeah, they are wingnuts.

But for shits and giggles, Palin's baby daddy, might be someone else's baby daddy too. Palin also thinks that Levi Johnson is obsessed with the limelight.

Pot meet kettle. This is something that the Palin family knows a great deal about, especially Mom Sarah.

I really wish that family were on a reality show so that we could vote them off, and then make sure that no one would ever have to see them or hear about them ever again.

I'm just waiting to see how long before Sarah or Bristol get cast on Dancing With The Stars?

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