Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Chuck Is The Greatest

I'm one of those crazy Chuck fans. I adore this show and put all other things aside to watch it. How I Met Your Mother and any other show following it, good or otherwise has to be DVR'd because Chuck is "THE" show for Monday night @ 8 for me.


Chuck is one of those few shows in the genre "dramady". You know, part drama, part comedy and they do it with class. They have characters that you can really love, plus relationships that make sense even if their situations aren't. How can you not love, Elly and Awesome, Morgan, crazy Jeff and all the other Buy More guys? Oh and Casey. Adam Baldwin = Love!

You have to love Sarah, and right now I'm sure just about every Chuck fans wishes that Chuck would have let Shaw blow up in that warehouse, even if Sarah has feelings for him. Heck, I even loved Hannah, and I wish they wouldn't have written her out so quickly.

This show keeps you on the edge of you seat, makes you laugh and has you hoping it will not end any time soon.

I've been a viewer since mid-season 1 and I hope that it gets picked up again. Chuck is too good of a show to get tossed aside because they've given him the lousyest time slot ever.

All that said, GO WATCH CHUCK!

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