Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Are You Too Old For A Part

OK, forgive me if I seem out of line, but why is Ted Neeley still playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar? The man is 66 years old.

Uh, ehm.

Isn't he a little old to play Jesus? By about 30ish years?

Surely there's someone else out there that can sing Gethsemane? Someone a little younger maybe?

I can't fault Ted's voice, its superb, or at least it was when I saw him in the part many years ago, but oye! I think its time to retire from that part. Give some younguns a shot at being Jesus!


Janelle said...

I don't care, I'm going. For the second time. He still sounds amazing.

I think I said this before at some point, but it's nice, too, for those of us who were too young to see him in it before to see him now.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I've seen him twice too. I still don't care, 66 is too old for the part. I saw him front and center in the 90s, when he was only slightly too old for the part, now the man looks OLD. Jesus wasn't OLD. Voice or not, he's too old and there are plenty of singers that can do justice to the songs that should have the chance.

Janelle said...

Definitely too old for the part, yeah, but then look at how many people on TV try to pass as teenagers. This one's a little more noticeable, sure, but it's not exactly new.

Actually, Rent's guilty of this, to an extent. No ages are specifically stated but one, & she's supposed to be 19. I have yet to see an actress playing her that looked 19.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I know but do a google search for recent pictures. If you are in the balcony its not going to matter but if you are anywhere where you can see his face...Wooo weee, Jesus is going to look like an old fart.

With ages you can get away with this stuff for about 10 years or so, because sometimes its damn hard to tell ages ..but when you are aiming for someone in their 30s..and you are almost 70...well that's tricky.